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Photo Sequencing Package




This resource for speech pathologists and teachers includes information about sequencing, and question comprehension skills.  It includes photo sequencing cards and specific activity ideas to use with preschool and school aged children.

Pack includes:

  • Photo Sequencing Handbook containing:
    • Information about sequencing and understanding level 1 to 4 questions based on the questioning framework developed by Blank, Rose and Berlin*
    • Activity ideas that extend each photo sequence theme
    • Story maps to use as recounts or to help children plan their own sequences / stories
    • Record sheets for screening children’s understanding and ability to respond to questions about the photos
  • 36 laminated colour photos:
    • 12 sets of 3 photos depicting everyday sequences such as brushing teeth, drawing a picture, doing a puzzle, eating an apple.


*Blank, M., Rose, S.A., & Berlin, L.J. (1978). The language of leaning: the preschool years, New York: Grune and Stratton.