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Parent Forum March 2020

Disability Policy and Programs invite you to the first Parent Forum for 2020

 “Transition in 2020 and beyond”

Cancellation of the Parent Forum 27th March 2020

Given the current climate and to support the containment of the COVID-19 virus the Disability Policy and Program Parent Forum scheduled for Friday 27th March is being cancelled for the health and safety of all participants and attendees.

We thank those who had registered and appreciate that there may be questions you would have liked answered. If this is the case please contact us through the forum email address . We have a record of your nominated workshops and we can pass on questions to either the presenters or someone with knowledge in the area to follow up.

At the forum we were intending to seek your advice and a parent perspective on some policy directions. If you are interested in being sent a survey or document to respond to please let us know by email.  Over the next few weeks please keep an eye on the website for  some information about transition, inclusion and  new directions.

Download the program

Download the March 2020 Parent Forum flyer here (pdf)

Download Regional Parent Forum Flyer here (pdf)

2 Responses to “Parent Forum March 2020”

  • penelope golding / Reply

    Could the title of the policy use different words such as “Inclusive or Inclusion Policy and Programs” isn’t this what the policy is about, ensuring all students are included in the Department Education?

    • admin / Reply

      Hi Penelope
      Thanks for your feedback, however the title Disability Policy and Programs refers to the name of our Directorate, not a specific policy. The Department’s Inclusion Policy is currently being finalised.

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