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72a Marlborough Street

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08:30 - 05:00

Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri

08:30 - 03:00


About Us

About SERU

The Special Education Resource Unit is a corporate unit of the Department for Education, within the directorate of Inclusive Teaching and Learning.

We are a statewide service providing support to parents/carers and Department personnel to enhance the learning outcomes of children and students with disability and learning difficulty.

Core services provided by SERU include:

  • specialised teaching and learning resource collection
  • specialist advice and support ie. learning difficulty, inclusive technology
  • Early Intervention Service Deaf/Hard of Hearing
  • Conductive Education Service
  • professional development,

and the provision of specialised equipment to enable students to access and participate in the curriculum including:

  • access equipment
  • assistive technologies
  • classroom amplification/acoustic equipment.

Our staff offer a range of support and learning opportunities:

  • advice and support about resources
  • negotiated site/SERU based professional development
  • Online Training courses (OLT Australia)
  • presentations to network/support groups
  • technology focussed family consultations
  • specialised technology based workshops (Boardmaker, Clicker etc)
  • specialised consultations about evidence based intervention
  • provision of specialised materials to Department psychologists and speech pathologists.

Who's who at SERU


Rachel Scheuboeck

Inclusive Learning Technology Service

Candice Fiegert

Jim Sprialis


Learning Difficulties

Amanda Michalanney

Teaching & Learning Service

Bronnie Whitelaw

Conductive Education Service

Barbara Mozsdenyi

Bettina Toth

Judit Virag

Kati Balla

Early Intervention Service Deaf /Hard of Hearing

Alison I’amafana

Mandy Conner

Megan Loman-Butcher

Sally Mainsbridge (Speech Pathologist)

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