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72a Marlborough Street

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08:30 - 05:00

Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri

08:30 - 03:00


About Us

About SERU

The Special Education Resource Unit is a corporate unit of the Department for Education, within the directorate of Disability Policy and Programs.

We are a statewide service providing support to parents/carers and Department personnel to enhance the learning outcomes of children and students with disability and learning difficulty.

Core services provided by SERU include:

  • specialised teaching and learning resource collection
  • specialist advice and support ie. learning difficulty, inclusive technology
  • Early Intervention Service Deaf/Hard of Hearing
  • Conductive Education Service
  • professional development,

and the provision of specialised equipment to enable students to access and participate in the curriculum including:

  • access equipment
  • assistive technologies
  • classroom amplification/acoustic equipment.

Our staff offer a range of support and learning opportunities:

  • advice and support about resources
  • negotiated site/SERU based professional development
  • Online Training courses (OLT Australia)
  • presentations to network/support groups
  • technology focussed family consultations
  • specialised technology based workshops (Boardmaker, Clicker etc)
  • specialised consultations about evidence based intervention
  • provision of specialised materials to Department psychologists and speech pathologists.

Who's who at SERU


Libby Brown

Inclusive Learning Technology Service

Candice Fiegert

Jim Sprialis

Kati Balla

Learning Difficulties

Rachel Scheuboeck

Teaching & Learning Service

Anne Creighton-Arnold

Conductive Education Service

Andrea Horvath

Barbara Mozsdenyi

Bettina Toth

Judit Virag

Kati Balla

Early Intervention Service Deaf /Hard of Hearing

Julie Daly

Mandy Conner

Megan Loman-Butcher

Sally Mainsbridge (Speech Pathologist)

Sandra Kelly

Ross Everingham

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