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Web Accessibility Features

This website has been designed to be easily accessed by people who use assistive technology or who find reading text difficult.

 *Accessible features of this site include:
dot point  Consistent navigation
dot point  Three clicks to get to any page
dot point  A linear site map
dot point  Single column for ease of use by screen readers
dot point  Avoiding the use of images except in our catalogues
dot point  Using alternative word tag for all images
dot point  The use of plain English where ever possible.
dot point  Where jargon has been used the word is linked to a glossary with a plain English description.
dot point  External links are opened in a new window
dot point  All downloadable documents are in PDF format created using accessibility options
dot point  The live data tables have row and column headers.
dot point  Voice Output

Voice Output
This site is Browsealoud enabled. Download the Browsealoud plug-in. When you move the cursor over the text on this website, Browsealoud will read out the text. Browsealoud can only read webpages and associated PDF files. The databases linked to this website, except for the on-line resources, will also be available as PDF documents. Other screen readers may be able to read them. For those people unable to read the on-line resources database it can accessed via telephone to SERU staff.

Click the logo to download Browsealoud Browsealoud

If you come across any accessibility issues or have suggestions for improvement, please contact SERU.

*Linked from this website are:
dot point  The Negotiated Education Plan and Pathways
    (which do not conform to accessibility guidelines)

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