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Boardmaker Visual Tools CD, AccessApps Suite and Driver's Handbook

Addendum Bundle for Boardmaker Program is available to DECS sites who have previously bought the standard version of Boardmaker 5 or 6 from SERU. Addendum libraries (an additional 4,500 symbols) for $95.00. Only available for sale in South Australia.

Visual Tools installs hundreds of ready made Boardmaker files to a computer. The collection includes visual supports and games made to support children and students with their communication. The 4Gb USB also installs its own Filemaker database. This database can be used to search the collection by file name or key words. The located files can be opened directly from the search result listings. Users can also add their own Boardmaker files and key words to the database. Boardmaker Plus and Speaking Dynamically Pro files can also be added.
Note: The Boardmaker program CD needs to be in the CD drive for these files to be opened.
Visual Tools USB $38.50 requires Boardmaker to run.
This resource was made using The Picture Communication Symbols  1981-2004 Mayer-Johnson LLC, with permission. All rights reserved worldwide.

AccessApps Suite is a collection of free software which has been compiled to assist students with their learning. These e-learning tools are portable versions of the software and are therefore accessed and operated directly from a USB flash drive. This portability allows students to utilise the AccessApps Suite of tools anywhere and anytime without the need to install software.
The suite of over 40 e-learning solutions supports students with planning and organisation, reading and writing. There are also a range of accessibility tools to support students with sensory, cognitive and physical difficulties.
A 4 gigabyte flash drive pre-loaded with the AccessApps Suite of Tools can be purchased for $22 (includes GST)
More information about AccessApps can be found at http://www.rsc-ne-scotland.ac.uk/eduapps/index.php

Driver's Handbook - Downloadable English audio file only. SERU has created an audio (LexiFlow) version of the Driver's Handbook (Dec 2010). Secondary students who need literacy support may find this particularly useful as they prepare for their driver's license theory test. LexiFlow is a talking Flash file.

Contact: SERU
Telephone: (08) 8235 2871.


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