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Resource Centre

Resource Centre

A collection of teaching and learning resources to support children and students with disabilities and learning difficulties. These materials support the South Australian Curriculum Standards and Accountability (SACSA) Framework including:
dot point  curriculum resources
dot point  developmental learning resources
dot point  reference materials and journals
dot point  specialised and adapted resources
dot point  specialised and adapted resources for Department Sites

Contact: SERU
Telephone: (08) 8235 2871.

Registered Borrowers can request resources online. To register follow link - Registration (PDF)


Return to TopCurriculum Resources:

Resources support the following learning areas:

dot point  Mathematics
dot point  English
dot point  Health and Physical Education
dot point  Society and Environment
dot point  The Arts
dot point  Technology
dot point  Science.

Special collections include:

dot point  High Interest Low Vocabulary
dot point  Videos
dot point  Big Books
dot point  Books and Tapes
dot point  Speech and Language Development
dot point  Sex Education and Protective Behaviours
dot point  Assessments
dot point  Time and Money.

Return to TopReference Materials and Journals
Reference materials include:

dot point  Professional Texts- disability and curriculum focus
dot point  Journals
dot point  Information from Disability Services
dot point  Assessment Resources - (download Screening and Assessment Resource Guide - PDF)
dot point  Developmental Scales
dot point  Disability Awareness Information.

Return to TopDevelopmental Learning Resources (Toy Library)

Toys, games and materials include:

dot point  Sensory Development - tactile materials to arouse different sensory responses
dot point  Sensory Motor Development fine motor, hand-eye coordination
dot point  Perceptual development sorting matching, classifying shapes, colours
dot point  Motor early physical activities such as skittles and push carts
dot point  Conceptual / Abstract Reasoning thinking skills, memory games
dot point  Self-Help dressing skills
dot point  Socio Dramatic Play puppets, dolls
dot point  Music instruments, relaxation and activity tapes.

Return to TopSpecialised and Adapted Resources for Department Sites

This range of resources adapted for switch operation, are available for children and students with severe and multiple disabilities The resources are designed to reinforce the concept of cause and effect by providing various responses to switch operation (eg light noise or vibration).

Return to TopEligibility

To be eligible to borrow from SERU you must be supporting a Birth to Year 12 child/student with disabilities or identified learning difficulties and:

dot point  a DECD employee
dot point  a parent and caregiver

To register contact SERU telephone 82352871.

Return to TopTerms of Borrowing

dot point  City Borrowers - 4 weeks
dot point  Country Borrowers - 6 weeks
dot point  Parents/caregivers - 5 resources per borrower
dot point  DECD staff - 10 resources per borrower.

Resources are sent to schools by the DECD courier. Borrowers are responsible for the cost of returning the resources.

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