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Parent Forum

Parent Forum

The Parent Forums are an initiative of the Disability Policy and Programs Directorate established to inform and engage parents or carers about the services and support available for children and young people with a disability and to provide an opportunity to listen to the voices of their families.

The information presented and the knowledge gained through shared discussions, table talk and workshops with the parents and carers further develop and help inform policy and future direction. The questions raised and topics requested are ongoing, informative and challenging. This page has been established so parents can access the wide range of material that have been created through the forums and linked to the Parent Forum summary report including keynote PowerPoints, video presentations and summaries of the day's activities.

Term 2 2018 Wednesday 4th July 2018
Registration Form and Workshop Descriptors

Term 1 2018 Presentations



Contact: education.dpp@sa.gov.au

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