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Negotiated Education Plan (NEP)

The purpose of the NEP (Negotiated Education Plan) is to support access, participation and achievement in the mandated curriculum for students with disabilities. The NEP is compulsory for students identified as eligible for the Disability Support Plan under the Students with Disabilities Policy.

The NEP process brings together educators, parents/caregivers, learners and other stakeholders to determine the needs and learning priorities of the child/student. The outcome is a concise working document which summarises the educational plan for the learner.

Currently a new web based learning plan is being developed by DECD. This will include all individual learning plans for students attending DECD schools.

Information about the NEP planning process and the learning plan templates have been removed for the SERU website.

Until the One Single Plan is available a link is provided below to templates schools might like to use in the interim to support their NEP processes until the One Student Plan is available.

Contact your Principal or your local Student Support Services for more information


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