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Specialised Services

Early Intervention Service - Deaf/Hard of Hearing

The Early Intervention Service-Deaf/Hard of Hearing (EIS-D/HH) provides a support program to young Deaf/hard of hearing children aged birth to 5 years old and their families.  The team are qualified Teachers of the Deaf who provide individual support in the home or early childhood setting.  The level of support is negotiated depending on the degree of hearing loss, other disabilities and involvement of other services and includes:

dot point  Teaching and Learning Programs
dot point  Home Visits
dot point  Training and Development
dot point  Playgroups

Our programs are tailored to meet individual needs and reflect each family’s communication choice.

The family is actively involved in the program as we recognize that parents / care givers are the main educators and decision makers for their child.

Babies/children assessed with a hearing loss are referred to a support service through the Early Intervention Hearing Coordinator.

Contact: SERU
Telephone: (08) 8235 2871.

Teaching and Learning Programs
Consistent, high quality communication programs include:
dot point  Auditory Verbal
dot point  Auslan (Australian Sign Language of the Deaf Community)
dot point  Sign Supported English

Home Visits
Support programs include a home visiting teacher service.
Benefits of home visits:
dot point  Children learn best because they feel comfortable in their natural environment
dot point  It is where most speech and language learning and communication with family takes place
dot point  Normal family and children’s routines can be maintained
dot point  Resources from SERU are loaned for use between visits

Training and Development
dot point  T&D is provided for staff in early childhood settings that are attended by children supported by the team
dot point  Sessions may take place in the preschool or child care setting which the child attends
dot point  Click here for scheduled workshops.

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dot point  Regular playgroups are held in Primary School Centres for Hearing Impaired

These playgroups provide opportunities for parents / caregivers to meet other families of Deaf/hard of hearing children.


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