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Curriculum Publications

These curriculum materials, written with sequenced learning steps, have been designed for students with disabilities and learning difficulties.

These curriculum publications are GST inclusive.

Contact: seru
Telephone: (08) 8235 2871.

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dot point  Money Bingo
dot point  Money Match
dot point  Money Work Books 1, 2 & 3
dot point  Money Supplement Sheets
dot point  Money Matters (4 books)
dot point  My Skills Series (revised edition)
dot point  My Home Skills (3 books)
dot point  My Community Skills (3 books)
dot point  My Financial Skills (1 book)
dot point  Pre-Maths Books (6 books)
dot point  Pre-Writing Books (10 books)
dot point  Transport (series 1&2)
dot point  Working With Sounds
dot point  Working With Words (Books 1-6)
dot point  Working With Words Supplementary Folder (Books 1,2&3)

Return to TopMoney Bingo - $13.20
Base cards and small cover cards to the value of $1.

Return to TopMoney Match - $13.20
Base cards and small matching cover cards in each set. Three sets to the value of 20, 50, $1.

Return to TopMoney Work Books (books 1,2&3) - $4.95 each
Revised and updated workbooks replacing earlier publications. This new set of 3 workbooks introduces the coins - 5, 10, 20, 50, $1 and $2. Activities cover the recognition and value of each coin, addition of various coins, matching coins to amounts and calculating required change from tendered coins.

Return to TopMoney Supplement Sheets - $3.30
Suitable for photocopying, these worksheets compliment the money workbooks by providing the teacher with extra activities when additional practice is required.

Return to TopMoney Matters (4 books) - $22.00 each
Each book contains blackline masters including coin recognition, addition and/or subtraction (change), simple problem solving.
Book 1:  Amounts to 20
Book 2:  Amounts to $1
Book 3:  Amounts to $5
Book 4:  Amounts to $10

Return to TopMy Skills Series (revised edition)
This series of blackline masters, designed for older students, focuses on everyday practical activities and includes:
Return to TopMy Home Skills (3 books) - $71.50
dot point  Forms, Food, Measurement
dot point  Time, Calendar
dot point  Following Directions, Safety, Telephone, Newspaper
Return to TopMy Community Skills (3 books) - $62.70
dot point  Goods and Services, Signs
dot point  Accommodation, Travel, Time
dot point  Direction, Map Reading
Return to TopMy Financial Skills (1 book) - $26.40
dot point  Money, Money Handling, Money Management

Return to TopPre-Maths Books (6 books) - $42.90
Revised large print and picture workbooks designed to be used by students in the pre and early stages of reading and writing who are beginning to understand mathematical concepts and require repetition and practice.
dot point  Big and Little
dot point  Directions
dot point  Matching and Association
dot point  Object Completion
dot point  Cut and Paste, Sequencing and Patterning
dot point  Copy the Shape, Dot to Dot and Hidden Objects

Return to TopPre-Writing Books (10 books) - $22.00
Large print student workbooks: tracing, drawing between and on lines, dot to dot, copying and fluency.

Return to TopTransport (series 1 and 2) - $18.70 each
Three A5 size readers per set with rebus format (glossary included) and accompanying A4 size motivational comprehension activity sheets that provide reinforcement/extension.
Series 1:  Bikes, Maintenance, Safety
Series 2:  Cars, Car Safety, Racing Cars

Return to TopWorking with Sounds - $6.60
A workbook introducing the letters of the alphabet using the SA Modern Cursive print.

Return to TopWorking with Words (books 1-6) - $3.30 each
Workbooks, set at ability level, for student use.
Book 1: three letter blend
Book 2: two letter initial consonant blends
Book 3: digraphs, ch, sh, th, wh and ck two letter consonant blends
Book 4: three letter initial consonant blends y (as in fly), y (as in happy), be, he, etc
Book 5: digraphs - ee, oo, ai, all, a-e, ea, ow (flower), i-e, oa
Book 6: digraphs - ay, o-e, ou, ir, aw, ur, or, er, ar, ew, ow, oy, oi, air, ore

Return to TopWorking with Words Supplementary Folder (books 1,2&3) - $13.20 each
Packs of approximately 45 worksheets reinforcing the digraphs in Working with Words - Books 4, 5 and 6. Written in SA Modern Cursive print and can be photocopied.

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