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Specialised Services

Learning Difficulties Team

The Learning Difficulties team is a statewide service which supports schools to better cater for students with a learning difficulty. This includes students with severe speech and/or language impairment.

The Learning Difficulties team work with educators in the implementation, delivery and evaluation of intervention strategies and curriculum planning including the use of software applications. Additional support for the school may be negotiated.

The Learning Difficulties team provides regular statewide training and development.

National Partnerships More Support for Students with Disabilities - Differentiation

The following video are of the presentations made by schools on the National Partnership showcase days in 2014. The schools were asked to either share their journey as a National Partnership school or to present a differentiated unit of work that the teachers had developed as an outcome of attending workshops facilitiated by Patti Drapeau, who was one of the consultants to the project.

Whole Schools Capacity Building

Kapunda Primary School (25.44min)
The schools was an Autism focus school and the video highlights the changes and interventions that the school put in place to be more inclusive of students and their families.

Allenby Gardens Primary School (18.17min
The school details their journey to be more inclusive of students with disabilities and learning difficulties.

Golden Grove High School (29.58min)

This video details the whole school journey to build capacity to make the school more inclusive of students with disabilities and learning difficulties.

Differentiated Units of Work

Golden Grove High School - Differentiated unit of work in year 8 Drama, Silvia Fisher (4.49min)
Golden Grove High School - Unit on Medieval History for the high school special class, Vikki Walkom (6.23min)
Golden Grove High School - Year 8 Poetry, Anna Nihill (7.45min)
Golden Grove High School - Year 8 Art, Simon McIntyre (6.02min .mpg)
Modbury Special School - Range of topics incl. Hospitality, Health & PE, Community Access and Science, Michelle McAuley and Ginny Pyatt (21.36min)
Gordon Education Centre - LITCON (25.52min)

Contact: seru
Telephone: (08) 8235 2871.


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