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Audiological Equipment

A range of audiological equipment including soundfield systems are available for loan.

Audiological equipment for loan:
dot point  Soundfield Systems
dot point  Personal FM's
dot point  Other audiological equipment

Students with a Hearing Loss.

Soundfield systems are available for a trial period of one term to assess the improvement in curriculum access to assist schools to determine if purchasing a unit is warranted. To borrow a soundfield system contact a Special Educator at your Local Education Office or a Special Educator (Hearing) at SERU

Students with Auditory Processing Disorder.

A small number of soundfield systems and personal FM units are available for a trial period of five weeks, for sites or families to determine if the purchase of a unit is warranted. To be eligible a student must have a current diagnostic report by an Audiologist, dated within the last 18 months and sighted by a DECD Special Educator (Hearing).

Soundfield Systems /Classroom Amplification

Soundfield systems are designed to overcome the problems of background noise and distance from the teacher. They provide an even consistant signal throughout the classroom, creating an improved signal to noise ratio with the teacher's voice clearly audible and intelligible above background noise.

Soundfield systems benefit all students, especially those with a mild/moderate hearing loss, specific auditory and other special needs. This allows teachers and learners to move freely about the room.

A soundfield functions best in learning spaces with favourable acoustic qualities.

Personal FM Units

Personal FM units provide an enhanced signal to noise ratio with teh teacher's voice clearly audible and intelligible above background noise. Personal FM units are the first choice for students diagnosed with APD.

These units (Oticon Amigo Personal FM) consist of a transmitter worn by the teacher and areciever with headphones worn by the student. PLEASE NOTE: Headphones are not supplied with the loan for health reasons.

Other Audiological Equipment Available for Loan to Coordinators: Hearing Services and Teachers of the Deaf.

Acoustic Kits
Contain Sound Level Meter and Reverberation Meter and all the equipment needed to undertake an acoustic assessment .

Speech Perception Kits
Contain speaker, CD player, cassette player and all the equipment to undertake recorded voice speech perception testing using the DECS process.

Contact: seru
Telephone: (08) 8235 2871.

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